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Dictionary references

Translate.Ru can be used not only as a translator for the coherent and complex sentences, but also as a dictionary. In case you translate a single word, the dictionary reference that includes possible variants of translation of the word with information about a part of speech and the topic of translation will be shown as a result of translation. Also, for the word of a source language the following can be specified:

Справка по словарям
  • transcription (for words translated from English);

  • icon of the loudspeaker (by clicking it, you can listen to the pronunciation of the word. The pronunciations have been provided by our partners – the website Forvo.com);

  • if the pronunciation of the word of source language is lack in Forvo.com base, the icon of the microphone will appear . By clicking it, you will be directed to the website Forvo.com where you will be able to record the pronunciation of your word or to ask a native to pronounce it.

Besides the possible options of translation of a word, you can also check the complete dictionary reference for the translated word. To access the complete dictionary reference, click one of the links: "Declination" (for nouns and adjectives), "Conjugation" (for verbs) or "Show the complete dictionary reference" (that is placed below the translation).


Complete dictionary reference

For the translation directions "Russian – English", "English – Russian", "Russian – German" and "German – Russian" the access to the complete dictionary reference is possible also by clicking the links "Declination" (for nouns and adjectives) and "Conjugation" (for verbs).

For these two translation directions the complete dictionary reference appears in a pop-up window.

Справка по словарям

A list of the translations of the word that has been seen in the original result appears in the left part of the window.

By clicking the word of a source language or any translation result, the reference with the tables of tenses (for verbs), of cases (for nouns) and other reference information for different parts of speech appears in the right part of the window.

To close the window with the complete dictionary reference, press [X] button in the right-upper corner of the pop-up window.