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Website translator

The Website translator service is intended for translation of websites, including hyperlinks and captions to pictures, and retains the HTML formatting of web pages. Graphic elements, multimedia contents and texts in Javascripts are not translated.

How to obtain the translation of the website

To translate a website:

  1. Select the profile of the text to be translated.
    Select the profile of the text to be translated.
  2. Enter the full URL address of the website you wish to translate.
  3. Select the translation direction. To do so, select the source language in the first list, and then select the target language in the second list. If you do not know the language of the text, select "Detect language" in the first list.

    The "Swap languages" button located between language lists is intended to reverse the translation direction. The button is unavailable if the reverse direction is not accessible.

    Select the translation direction
  4. Click the "Translate" button.

Translation is also performed automatically by pressing [Enter]


Viewing the translation result

If pop-up windows aren't blocked in your browser, the result of the translation will appear in a new window automatically.

The link to the translated web page will appear in the initial window in the block with the results of the translation.

The link to the translated web page

By clicking this link, you will be directed to the result of the translation that will be opened in a new window.


Why a page can not be translated?

There are some reasons why a specific page can not be translated:

  • Could not find the page. Address you specified might contain errors.
  • Content of some specially protected pages is not translatable in order to provide your security (pages that begin with https://, or pages that require password).
  • Some pages displays make a text untranslatable, e.g. pages that block their display in a frame.
  • A page might contain errors that make translation not available.
  • Translatable page content exceeds 500Kb.
  • Texts of Flash-files, images as well as pages rendered using Javascript can not be translated.