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Picture shows the UCEPROTECT ® Enterprise to server (Appliance)

In contrast to the Anti SPAM solutions of other suppliers UCEPROTECT ® filters no mail contents separate recognises and blocks undesirable Spammails with the help of typical behaviour patterns of the Spamversender already on the Envelope level, so still before the data transfer.

This may sound adventurous, however, functions substantially more reliably than every Spamfilter.

The truth about Spam is:

If all competitors make a little bit wrong with the subject Spamschutz, it becomes thereby not more right...

UCEPROTECT ® blocks in the default setting according to experience 99,999% all Spammails, so from 100000 Spammails more than maximum one more should not come through.

Nevertheless, they have themselves the possibility to provide any rules and to infer and UCEPROTECT ® will be always so good or bad then like your control set.

UCEPROTECT ® is offered in 3 variations Hosted, software or Appliance which concerns the price, but also what the conditions to themselves what, considerably make a distinction.

Unfortunately, we cannot take the decision whether and which UCEPROTECT ® is optimum for your use case from you, we discuss you, however, with pleasure.

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