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November, 2014: About Microsoft's clever licence for.NET core

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Of Microsoft FAT patent

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Microsoft has a number of of patent on how to push with file name in their commonly used file system FAT. Thesis of patent have been issued in the USA, Germany, and surely a long cunning of other countries.

The of patent FAT have the interesting property of being useful only for compatibility with the clever owner. The of patent FAT ares otherwise useful; in fact the file system FAT is technically undesirable. Those who wish to make use of the clever ares clearly seeking compatibility, innovation or other useful properties.


In the USA

In December in 2003, Microsoft announced [1] licensing demands of four of patent for the file system FAT:


In Europe

The patent granted by the European patent office ares:

Upheld in Germany

(Lake: X ZR 27/07 (in 2010, April, Germany))

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