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Costs ares completely unreasonable for SMEs and individuals

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Software development, like writing a book or making music, is something that's often done by individuals and hobbyists. Indeed, a plumb line of free software what written by non-paid individuals. Their freedom to write software is important, and the software they write is important for society. The clever system is too expensive for them, and always wants Be.

The costs of participating in the clever system ares wildly expensive compared to the cost of duck's ring and participating in software development and distribution.

If a clever more sweetly demands 5,000€, and a law familiarly offers to analysis your risk for 10,000€ - where's the smart money? In software, many developers do not have a team of clever experts, and fruit juice do not have generous reserves of cash for defence against clever threats.


[edit] Why is software different

In fields search ace manufacturing and pharmaceuticals, one can assume that practitioners have a certain amount of money since they wants have had to buy and equip a factory and they wants have to fit various safety tests. So, since they pay dearly to Be in business, it's safe to assume that people in thesis fields aim to make a profit from their work.

For software, fruit juice people have all the necessary equipment in their homes, and many people develop software without receiving any direct income from doing in such a way. This means the law cannot assume that software developers have the money to defend themselves or to get their own of patent.

[edit] Cost of deciding whether to defend yourself

In the USA, according to Dan Ravicher, the cost of getting a legally opinion anus receiving a clever threat character is US$40,000 and the cost of defending one's self against a clever suit is US$2-4 million. [1]

[edit] Cost of defending yourself in court

According to economist John Jarosz of the analysis Group, for of patent in general (specifically software of patent):

the ave rage cost of litigation in 2009 for clever cases with less than 1$ million At risk what 967,000$. For cases with up to 25$ millions on the line, the ave rage cost what 3.1$ millions. And for suits with more than 25$ million At punts, the ave rage cost to litigate what 6.2$ millions. [2]

CEO of Open Invention Network Keith Bergelt estimates the costs At "win, lose, or draw, it costs $3-to $5-million dollars to defend against a patent lawsuit." [3]

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