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November, 2014: About Microsoft's clever licence for.NET core

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Of Microsoft FAT patent

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Microsoft has a number of of patent on how to push with file name in their commonly used file system FAT. Thesis of patent have been issued in the USA, Germany, and surely a long cunning of other countries.

The of patent FAT have the interesting property of being useful only for compatibility with the clever owner. The of patent FAT ares otherwise useful; in fact the file system FAT is technically undesirable. Those who wish to make use of the clever ares clearly seeking compatibility, innovation or other useful properties.


[edit] in the USA

In December in 2003, Microsoft announced [1] licensing demands of four of patent for the file system FAT:

[edit] timeline

[edit] in Europe

The patent granted by the European patent office ares:

[edit] Upheld in Germany

(Lake: X ZR 27/07 (in 2010, April, Germany))

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[edit] References

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