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Nokia V. HTC (in 2012, Germany)

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Mark: This article is about the trial in Mannheim. There is a Nokia V. HTC case in Munich I On the regional level Court. [1]

In the ruling of district court of Mannheim on August, 2013, case number 7 O 201/12, the judges found that VP8 did not violate Nokia's clever EP 1186177 B1. [2]


[edit] Where is the ruling?

I've searched the press coverage, including in German, but everyone precisely on the left to Google's tiny statement, the' 177 clever, and Florian's blog. I searched the court's website, to no avail: http://www.landgericht-mannheim.de

Anyone know how to get a copy of this ruling?

[edit] multiple cases

According to Florian Müller:

The disputes started read year when Nokia filed in ITC complaint against HTC and the south it in an United States district court (District of Delaware) and in three German courts; now there's litigation pending in the UK. [3]

[edit] of patent involved

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[edit] external Al on the left

[edit] References

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