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The clever office of Venezuela is the Servicio Autonomo de Propiedad Intelectual.


[edit] patent office case law

According to a per free software Venezuelan blogger, the clever office of Venezuela does not grant software of patent. [1] Hey mentions that the clever office's computer of system run gnu / Linux, which is usually a positive sign.

[edit] Legislation

Patent ares granted based on the law "Ley. Article. 5 LPI. ". The definition of patentable subject matter is in" Art.14. LPI "and exceptions to patentability are noted in" article. 15". [2] Possibly of interest: Article. 22. LPI.

(Can you help? anyone know where we can left to in on-line copy of thesis laws?)

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[edit] References

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  2. (broken left, please help find a replacement) http://www.sapi.gob.ve//content / view / 177/1/

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