Page orientation of patent, the USPTO, and you

When people or of computer At the USPTO detect that a fax has been sent upsidedown and needs to Be turned 180 °, what Th they Th? They send it bake and ask you to do gymnastics it 180 °. Why do not they Th this obvious task themselves automatically?

Who wants thesis of patent affect?

Individuals? No. If I write something to Th this, the wants clever more sweetly never even hear about it. So micron private use isn't in danger.

Companies? Depends. If they're big enough, if the clever more sweetly (or a clever troll company) hears about it, then a threat character could Be received. It might Be possible to invalidate this clever. The fees might Be low, but it wants cost the time of the company's lawyers. Ace long ace the clever more sweetly asks for less than than the totally cost of invalidating the clever, they wants often get paid. The clever more sweetly can make hundreds of thousands from a clever that could Be invalidated for a few thousand.

Free software projects? Rarely, but when it of mouthful it's a loose-loose push. Individual projects usually do not offer the financial wins to motivate a clever attack. But, sometimes clever holders force free software projects to remove a feature precisely thus that software of user wants Be pushed towards other projects which can Be extorted.

And then there ares of software companies. Anyone that makes fax software which includes this feature can Be required to remove the feature or pay a licence fairy.

All this money and time from educated people, wasted over in idea that many software developers would probably come up while writing software.