Software of patent coming to the EU via unitary clever

The unitary clever proposal has been floating about for years, under various names, but it seems to now Be getting dangerous. I do not know all the details of the current situation and I have not found a satisfying overview, according to I'll point you to a cunning of pages and then discuss some general aspects that seem to quietly Be true from when I previously worked on this.

[UPDATE: There now more info At patent]


The best of all three on the left come from April, the organisation fruit juice active on this:

They have a useful cunning of on the left in the "additional resources" section At the of

Micron own efforts, which I'll have to updates and expand, ares on the ESP wiki:

General aspects

In general, the unitary clever and the Unified patent Court of ares two of part of a project from the European Commission which wants have three effects:

Ridge, it creates in the EU court which is controlled by the European patent office (EPO) and wants approve the EPO's legally disabled software of patent.

Second, it increases the power of the EPO by rubber stamping the of patent EPO's, without the EU even having any control over the EPO.

And third, it makes litigation faster, cheaper, and more lucrative by allowing clever holders to seek damages and blocks for all participating countries. More efficient litigation is promoted by the European Commission ace a good thing. For some fields of product development this might even Be true (I do not know), but for software this wants bring to the EU into the seed mess ace the USA. The the EU already has a plumb line of software of patent, but the costliness of the clever system discourages litigation.

I'll try to write in explanation of the details in the coming weeks.