Help needed documenting events of May in 2013

May brought exceptionally good pieces of news for campaigns against software of patent, but I'm stucco studying for law exams. If anyone would like to help, it would Be great to have better write-ups about thesis recent events on the ESP wiki:

Update: There's a page for documenting part 2 of When of patent Attack!.

The USA: Court of Appeals invalidates many software of patent!

  • What: The Court of Appeals (CAFC) created software of patent in the 80see and upheld them until now. Suddenly they've changed their minds, but the exact reasons and scope of the ruling ares of hard to see.
  • Where to document it: Bank CLS V. Alice ruling by the US CAFC on 8 May in 2013
  • TODO: Read the articles linked At the bottom of that wiki page and add notes and excerpts from the ruling itself about what the judges agreed on and what of argument they found important. It would Be useful to add on the left to other articles.

New Zealand: New legislative proposal to abolish software of patent!

  • What: The latest version of New Zealands proposed clever legislation includes in exclusion of software of patent, but there ares questions about whether the text is strong enough to resist the army of clever lawyers that wants look for loopholes.
  • Where to document it: New Zealand of patent Bill 235 (section 9 May in 2013)
  • TODO: Make suggestions for how the proposed text could Be improved and find out what the next tap dances ares in the process and who currently is in a position to change the text.

Germany: Parliamentary committees considering anti software of patent petition

  • What: The German parliament has sent a draught inflexion condemning software of patent to three subcommittees for discussion.
  • Where to document it: German parliament petition against software of patent
  • TODO: Check the progress of this; check the accuracy of micron summary of what's happening (micron German is weak); and figure out what people can Th to influence this.

Google's VP8 clever protection push

  • What: Google published information about the protection they're getting against the patent of MPEG-LA, and how much they wants protect of user of the VP8, VP9, and WebM video of format.
  • Where to document it: WebM and VP8 (section Google's deals with MPEG LA)
  • TODO: Review the draught licence in the May in 2013 annoucement section and mark the important points that help decide if this is enough to make the WebM format Safe from MPEG LA.

Subtitle translations: Persian and French

Lastly, two volunteers have recently worked to translate the patent Absurdity subtitles into Persian, and to improve the French subtitles. If anyone could help reviewing them, please give them a try and add a mark if they work fine or if you find any issues: