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No. 51/2018

Hearing on the 20th of March, 2018, 11.00 o'clock, in the matter of 1  street 159/17 (check head negotiations after conviction of five employees of the Deutschen Bank AG Frankfurt am Main because of tax evasion / aid to the tax evasion)

The district court of Frankfurt am Main has condemned a former leader of the department of CMS region middle of the Deutschen Bank AG Frankfurt am Main because of tax evasion to a term imprisonment of three years and other employees in each case because of aid to the tax evasion to terms imprisonment between one year three months and two years. The enforcement of the terms imprisonment covered against the assistants has put out it to the proving.

After the statements of the judgment co-ordinated to the accused H. in his function as a leader of the department of CMS region middle trade of the Deutschen Bank AG Frankfurt am Main with Treibhausgasemissionszertifikaten (CO2 certificates) and was supported, on this occasion, by the complained. From summer, 2009 was in the tax-deceitful achievement chains in the position of the last home acquirer (sucked. Distributor) also the Deutsche Bank AG integrated. All together the Deutsche Bank AG in the sales tax advance notifications from October, 2009 to February, 2010 from achievements of four CO2 suppliers asserted 145.465.032 euros wrongfully.

The defendants had taken up thus the district court the serious possibility in her image picture that no authorisation would come up to the Deutschen Bank AG from her shops with four CO2 suppliers because of an integration in tax-deceitful achievement chains for the assertion of pretaxes. To you it also depended in own interest on continuing the lucrative CO2 shops with for the German bank without risk and margins slightly to be achieved.

Against this judgment the checks of the defendants are directed. The checks of the public prosecutor's office which are not represented by the general Attorney of the Federal Supreme Court strive after in each case higher terms imprisonment. They complain of the convictions because of aid (instead of culpability) and single fixing of the penalty considerations opposed in favour of the defendants.


District court of Frankfurt am Main - judgment from the 13th of June, 2016 - 5/2 KLs 6/15

Karlsruhe, 15th of March, 2018

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