Help to the search in the Federal Supreme Court decisions

In the data bank the decisions are since 01.01.2000 as documents in the PDF format, provided that they contain grounds. They can be searched for a date, for file number or for any search words.

Tip: The texts which stand in clips are to be looked as input examples.

  1. Searching function
    In the navigation column on the left side a searching form is below the link on topical decisions for investigating and filters of the decisions. The standard issue delivers a list which sorts chronologically descending. A search not limited by data inputs filters the whole document continuance.

    • In the searching field Date different manners of writing are accepted: the standard forms (27.9.2001) or (27th of September, 2001). The information is also enough only from month and year (11.2000) or only the annual information (2000).

    • In the field of file numbers the complete file number of the decision in request or, however, even the beginning can be put down alternatively by file number (XII ZR 186/06) or (XII ZR).

    • The search word search applies to the full text of the decisions, but also to a perhaps available name of a decision as he is used in some senates to the additional marking for certain decisions. This name is indicated in the right column of the list to the searching result.

    • Any search words can be given. When linking operators are and or and to use, or or or as well as not or.

    • Are given in several of three searching fields Conditions, these automatically become with and are tied together. As an example: Input in the field Date (2008) and in the field File number (XII ZR)

    • With activity of the button Searches the data bank is searched for suitable documents. These are listed in the list to the searching result in the right window area.

  2. Calendar sheet

    • Below the searching form there is a calendar sheet. All decisions of the suitable year are indicated by click on an annual number.

    • The list can be limited by click for one month further, in the month overview indicated then you have the possibility to select a certain day of this month.

  3. List to the searching result

    • The names in the head lines of the columns of the list to the searching result are decorated as a Sortierschaltflächen. With activity of these buttons the data bank issue can be sorted according to saying body, decisive date or file number. The topical Sortierkriterium is anew fixed by mouse click on the suitable button and is shown with dark background. The Sortierrichtung is indicated by a small white arrow beside the Sortierbegriff. To turn around the Sortierrichtung, must be clicked again on the Sortierbegriff.

    • In the right column the name of the document is indicated, if such was fixed.

    • If a search word search was carried out, the search words are emphasised in the document title, provided that they seem there. Below the name follow possible cross-references: "see also: Press release No. 20/01 from..." which are also decorated as links.

    • The list of the found documents includes the shown side up to 30 documents. Provided that the list encloses more than 30 documents, buttons appear in the title strip for paging through of the sides.

  4. Document issue

    • In the list to the searching result the file number of the documents appears in each case link, by click the full text is given here. Because the documents are offered in the PDF format, the search words cannot be emphasised in case of a search word search in the text. Here a search with this function of the browser or the reader can help.

    • To the document a head line with the path of the well-chosen decisions is predone. They can also jump back thus in the path. On the right from the path information buttons are to the sheet on the previous one and the next decision according to the respective choice. The middle button leads back on the overview list.

  5. Examples

    • Decisions of the I civil senate are searched from 2001:
      Give in the field date (2001) and in the field File number (I Z).

    • A decision only known with her decisive name is searched:
      Give in the input field Search word the word (mixing sound engineer).

    • With Mehrwortbegriffen you Must be to blame for the parts by and tie together (and with and contract end).

    • An otherwise unknown decision is searched, e.g., to the doctor's liability.
      With the input from (doctor and mistake of treatment) in the searching field Search word you receive a suitable hit list with the decisions in which these concepts are included.
      The words which were separated in the text with hyphen can be searched not without this line.