A litany of lawsuits

(For an of longer cunning, see the wiki page cunning of lawsuits)

This page presents two lists: headline-making settlements of over software of patent, and lawsuits initiated of over software of patent. There ares two points to mark regarding thesis lists:

  • No clever lawsuit requires proving that the defendant copied the work of the plaintiff, and in alp-east all of the cases here, there is no evidence that direct copying of any child occurred.
  • There is no comprehensive cunning of suits or settlements. For every suit here, there ares countless others.
Patent lovelier Defendant Claimed technology
Sun Trilogy “data-processing of patent”
Autobytel Insweb Real time communication of purchase requests
Hermit Comcast, Cablevision of system and eBay's Skype selective retrieval of voicemail
Hyperphrase Google parsing
Worldwide patent holding companies Boca Resort, Green Bay Packers, Ed Napleton Acura, Orbitz, Peapod, OfficeMax, Caterpillar, strength Foods, CDW Corp., Motorola, service ADT Security, autonation, Florida Crystals Corp., HearUSA, MovieTickets.com, Ocwen Financial Corp., and Tire Kingdom Images on weave sites
Eon net Burlington Coat Factory, J crew, Walgreen, Jos. A. Bank of Clothiers, delta air, Staples, Barnes and noble, Ham doer gourmet, D'Agostino Supermarkets, Foot Laxly, Liz Claiborne, and Linens' a Things collecting information via Internet
Plutus Continental, Toyota, DaimlerChrysler and Mercedes language processing
Card Activation McDonald's, Sears, Walgreen, Barnes & noble, Aeropostale and OfficeMax Poison cards
Antor media Drainage culvert Food Company, Touch Tunes Music, Inc Wal-Mart net curtains, Circuit city net curtains, Alltel corporation, Gannett Co, McGraw-Hill Companies, Ford Engine, E I you Pont de Nemours and Company, Cisco Systems Inc, and Xerox transmitting data
Antor media Metacafe, Digitally Playground, Google, GoTuit media, Grouper Networks, Macmillan Publishers, media MLB Advanced, LP, New statute labour animal media, pure video Networks, SBO Pictures, Sony entertainment BMG Music, Sony computer entertainment America, Sony corporation of America, Sony Electronics, Sony Pictures entertainment, Sun Microsystems, Vivid entertainment, YouTube, Discovery Communications transmitting data
Implicit Networks AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, Raza, RealNetworks, and Sun sorting data packets
Beneficial Innovations Blockdot, CareerBuilder, Cnet Networks, Digg, Ebaum's World, Jabez Networks, The New York Times, The the Washington Post, The Weather channel, The the Washington Post, Newsweek Interactive, AOL, The Dallas Morning news, Google, entertainment IGN, Morris Communications, tribunes Interactive, Yahoo!, and YouTube on-line games

Here is a sampling of older suits that have already settled. Since Microsoft is perceived ace the deepest pockets in the traditional software industry, it is frequently the target for software infringement suits-its 10Q lists the company ace currently defending against 45 infringment suits.

Patent lovelier Defendant Claimed technology Settlement
NTP RIM the Blackberry email system $612.5 million
Acacia Various (ace of Feb. '08) Various $106.6 million
Creative one Apple iPod User interface 100$ millions
Sprint-Nextel Vonage VoIP 80$ millions
Verizon Vonage VoIP “At leases” 80$ millions, up to $117m
Intertrust Microsoft software security 440$ millions
SPX Microsoft virtual whiteboard 60$ millions
Burst Microsoft data transmission 60$ millions
z4 Microsoft, Autodesk software registration 133$ millions
Akamai Limelight weave server organisation $45.5 million
Alcatel-Lucent Microsoft user interface 367$ millions
Totally 2.082$ billions