What can I of Th?

What you can Th right now

Help us document the case against software of patent: swpat.org – the software of patent wiki.

If you operate a weave site that doze rely on of patent to succeed, then let your of user know with one of thesis badges.

How to software of patent

There ares two direct ways that we can the patenting of software in the USA and worldwide. One way is through legally action, and the other is through legislative action. We aim to support work on both. But both ways depend upon education, and that is the primary work of ESP.

Legally action

Is your organisation involved in a software clever litigation, or Th you represent a victim of a software clever claim? We ares looking for appropriate cases to help advance, though unfortunately, only a few cases ares likely to Be suitable. At the very leases we can help give voice to your situation, and help ex-pose the injury being done to you and the community your organisation serves.

Legislative action

We need your voice and your willingness to campaign with us. Legislative action, especially in the USA can Be very difficult. Software of patent ares of hero by some of the largest and fruit juice influential corporations, and they make a donation millions of dollars on lobbying. But, politicians change and thus doze political wants. Please sign-up to our mailing cunning to hear more.

Educate Others

There is a resistance to change. Many corporations say they only sweetly software of patent for defensive purposes, and quietly agree with us that software of patent Th injury. So here we have in opportunity to help them live up to their Word.