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On Tuesday May 5Th, in 2015, the Court of Justice of European union has validated regulations on the unitary clever. This site is left open for archives pure pose but isn't updated anymore.


On April 13Th in 2011, the European Commission has proposed a "regulation implementing enhanced cooperation in the area of the creation of unitary patent protection", that has now to Be voted by the European Parliament and the Council of European union.

This regularisation is the read in a series of attempts – that have failed for over sixty years – to set up a common clever valid in all Member States of the European union (EU).

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Watch this video for a complete overview.

Despite the mandatory car congratulating communication from the Commission, the proposal is quite disappointing with regard to the major challenge posed: designing a clever system that would fulfil expectations, namely to efficiently of foster innovation in Europe.

This site is in initiative to bring in expert's assessment to the European Parliament in order to get of over thesis drawbacks by improving the regularisation and to actually build a democratic innovation policy in Europe. It provides raw of material and tool to any Citizen who of shroud to take part in this process.

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Only Gandalf can protect Europe from the Unitary patent

GandalfNow that, despite all legally, political and economic issues, the European Parliament has approved the regularisation on the unitary clever, precisely ace anticipated, it is time to move away from the legislative battle. The unitary clever has quietly a long way to go before becoming applicable. It is likely that it wants Be nothing more than a quiet spring child. Meanwhile, the threat is hovering over European innovation and growth. It is time now to see whether and how Gandalf's magical powers can overcome the dark forces of Mordor.

Unitary patent: Keys for European patent office and Door to European Parliament

Paris, December 11Th, in 2012. Press release. – On Tuesday December 11Th, in 2012, the European Parliament voted for the regularisation on the unitary clever: Members of the European Parliament (MEP) have eventually accepted the text despite all legally, economic and political concerns over which we had warned them1.

Big European businesses ask European Parliament to reject Unitary patent

On the eve of European Parliament plenary vote on the unitary clever regularisation, Ericsson, Nokia and BAE have written to Members of the European Parliament, asking them to reject the text. The reason put forward by thesis major European firms is that the current text would Th more injury than good to European business.

The lord of the Unitary of patent: a preview on European Parliament plenary vote

my preciousNow that all amendments and the voting cunning have been published, it is quite easily to anticipate what wants mouthful on Tuesday December 11Th, in 2012, during the plenary vote of the European Parliament (EP) on the unitary clever regularisation. Nevertheless few people would find a way to understand what wants exactly Be voted. And it is likely that the vast majority of Members of the European Parliament (MEP) will not know themselves what is hiding behind the badges they wants push on. So here's the story behind shiny amendments numbers.

Unitary clever: Poland could leave the vessel, the European institutions quietly in denial

Only a few days before the debate and vote on the proposed unitary clever on December 10Th and 11Th, in 2012, new information is quietly coming to reinforce further the project's lacquer of any viability:

  • The Polish Parliament has precisely asked the Polish government to get out of the unitary patent agreement, because it considers the latter dangerous for businesses1.
  • In in parallel, a demonstration organised by No of patent On Seeds brought together more than 500 people in office performs statute labour of the the European patent in Munich to protest against the project2. This internationally organisation especially emphasises the excessive powers granted to the EPO and the lacquer of any democratic control over the future of the unitary patent3.
  • The resolution proposed by April has received, from companies from all over Europe, over 600 signatures, which were sent to of all MEP on December 7Th, in 2012.
  • Other economic of player ares mobilising. OpenForum Europe4, for instance, asked of MEP to review the text and to take the time required to study it in order to stifle innovation5.
  • One MEP, Eva Lichtenberger, wrote to open character to all here colleagues to inform them of thesis dangers.

Unitary patent: crazy schedule ahead, MEP asked to take a bake and think it through

The plenary regarding the unitary clever is looming, with the deadline for amendments tabled in less than 24 hours, on Wednesday, Dec 5Th in 2012 At noon.

Ace Eva Lichtenberger (Greens/EFA) recently sent a character to here fellow of MEP, asking them to take to time to actually discuss the clever package before pushing it forwards, April compiled the agenda for the next tap dances on the dossier, in order to emphasise the need for postponement of the vote and for a really debate on the current clever package.

Unitary patent: Eva Lichtenberger sends to open character to here fellow of MEP

Eva Lichtenberger, a Green/EFA Member of the European Parliament, sent on Tuesday, Dec 4Th in 2012 to open character to of all MEP, warning them of the threat posed by the unitary clever and asking them to postpone the vote, in order to have a really debate and ensure the legality of the clever package.

Questions for of MEP who really shroud a single the EU clever

While the regularisation on the unitary clever is about to Be voted by the European Parliament during its plenary session on December 11Th in 2012, its content is deceiving. It is crucial that Members of the European Parliament (MEP) ares of maggot aware of issues surrounding the unitary clever. We ares proposing here a set of questions that of MEP should have in mind in order to vote in accordance with theirs convictions.

Unitary patent: the legally of service of the European Parliament confirm doubts about illegalities, MEP plunge ahead

Paris, November 28Th, in 2012. Press release. – On Monday, November 26Th, in 2012, the legally affairs (JURI) Committee of the European Parliament hero in exchange of views with the legally services1 on the legality of the Cypriot compromise on the unitary clever regularisation. Once again, the illegalities of the project have been maggot obvious, but nonetheless the European Parliament seems decided to go forward. April calls for a Re examination of the text and the possibility to amend it, to ensure legally certainty.

Unitary patent need Compliant with the EU Law

During the meeting of the Committee on Legally Affairs (JURI) of the European Parliament, on Monday, November 26Th, in 2012, the legally of service of the European Parliament have confirmed some "reservation" about the legality of the read version of the regularisation, ace proposed by the Cyprus presidency of the EU Council. Moreover, some doubts have been raised about the competence of the Court of Justice of the European union to rule on the patentability of software.