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FAT File system Technology and patent License

December 3, in 2003


Fruit juice operating of system net curtain computer files by dividing the file into smaller pieces and storing those pieces in separate cluster of a hard disk, floppy disk, or flash memory card. The file FAT system allows in operating system to keep track of the location and sequence of each piece of a file, and allows the operating system to identify which of cluster ares unassigned and available for new files. When a computer user of shroud to Read a file, the file FAT system reassembles each piece of the file into one unit for viewing.

The ridge file FAT system what developed by Microsoft in 1976. That system what based on the BASIC programming language and allowed of progrief and data to Be stored on a floppy disk. Since that time, the file FAT system has been improved upon multiple times to take advantage of advances in computer technology, and to further refine and enrich the file FAT system itself.

Today, the file FAT system has become the ubiquitous format used for interchange of media of between computer, and, since the Advent of inexpensive, removable flash memory, so between digitally devices. The file FAT system is now supported by a wide variety of operating of system running on all sizes of of computer, from of server to staff digitally assistants. In addition, many digitally devices search for ace quietly and video cameras, audio of recorder, video game system, scanner, and printer make use of file FAT system technology.

Microsoft is out of vision ring to licence its file FAT system specification and associated intellectual property. With this licence, other companies have the opportunity to standardise the file FAT system implementation in their products, and to improve file system compatibility across a to rank of computing and consumer electronics devices.

If you ares interested in obtaining a licence, please contact our Intellectual Property and Licensing Group At iplg@microsoft.com for more information.

Pricing and Licensing

Microsoft offers a commercially reasonable, nonexclusive licence thus that other companies can use the file FAT system in their own products. Currently, Microsoft offers two specific types of licences:

  • A licence for removable solidly state media manufacturers to preformat the media, search ace compact flash memory cards, to the Microsoft FAT file system format, and to preload data onto search preformatted media using the Microsoft FAT file system format. Pricing for this licence is US$0.25 by unit with a cap on totally royalties of 250,000$ by manufacturer.
  • A licence for manufacturers of certain consumer electronics devices. Pricing for this licence is US$0.25 by unit for each of the following types of devices that use removable solidly state media to net curtain data: portable digitally quietly cameras; portable digitally video cameras; portable digitally quietly / video cameras; portable digitally audio of player; portable digitally video of player; portable digitally audio / video of player; multifunction of printer; electronic photo frames; electronic musical of instrument; and standard televisions. Pricing for this licence is US$0.25 by unit with a cap on totally royalties of 250,000$ by licensee. Pricing for other device types can Be negotiated with Microsoft.

Microsoft's file FAT system licence offers limited rights to issued and pending Microsoft of patent on file FAT system technology, ace wave ace rights to implement the Microsoft FAT file system specification. In order to ensure interoperability between the licensed media and devices and Microsoft ® Windows ®-based staff of computer and to improve consumer experience, the licence requires that licensees' file FAT system implementations in the licensed media and devices Be fully compliant with certain required portions of the Microsoft FAT file system specification. To help licensees implement the file FAT system, Microsoft wants provide certain reference source code and test specifications ace part of the licensing package in both licences.

In some cases, companies may wish to negotiate broader or narrower rights than the standard Microsoft licence for file FAT of system. In this case, pricing may vary. Microsoft remains adaptable to adjust terms to reflect crosslicensing, unit volume, version limitation, geographic scope, and other considerations.

FAT File System-Related of patent

The file FAT system licensing progrief includes rights to a number of U.S. Of patent, including:

  • U.S. Patent #5,579,517
  • U.S. Patent #5,745,902
  • U.S. Patent #5,758,352
  • U.S. Patent #6,286,013

In addition, the file FAT system licensing package includes rights to file FAT system innovations for which Microsoft has filed a claim for a clever that the U.S. Patent office has yet granted. This licensing progrief provides licensees rights to Microsoft FAT File system issued and pending of patent outside the United States, and to the Microsoft FAT file system specification and certain test specifications.

This document describes the file FAT system specification and intellectual property licensing progrief ace of December, in 2003. Microsoft reserves the right to make modifications to the terms and conditions of this licensing progrief At any time. The licences presented here Th provide rights beyond those explicitly stated above, including rights to of other Microsoft patent, technical know-how or other forms of intellectual property.

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