Q&A;: Microsoft's IP chief on TomTom, Linux and patent

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Q&A;: Microsoft's IP chief on TomTom, Linux and patent


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Competitors converge on Philanthroville

Inspired by Bill Gates, speaking recently At in event sponsored by TechFlash and United Way, several rising technology companies ares of duck's ring Philanthroville. There they'll Be creating a culture of philanthropy At their businesses by making it easily for employees to give and volunteer. Plus there's the fun of friendly competition with others, and potentially a Flashie Award and a big prize. Starting is simple ones. And companies of any size can easily take part, ace shown by start up Puzzazz, where founder Roy Leban offered employees the option of deductions for charity starting from B sharp very ridge payroll. More here.

Growth is bake on the agenda for technology companies

BDO's Technology and Life Sciences practice conducted the fourth annual Technology Outlook Survey, which examined the opinions of 100 chief financial officers (CFOs) At Lea's thing technology companies. The findings suggest the tech industry recovery is swing in full – R&D; and operational expenses ares returning to pre-recession levels, and hiring and salary levels bake ares bouncing. Ace competition heats up, tech companies ares taking a closer look At market share and turning to M&A; to expand service out of vision-all around and drive strategic growth in 2011.

To Read the full survey results follow this left.

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