A Microsoft storage clever that what used to get a sales ban on products from Google-owned Motorola Mobility in Germany has been invalidated by the German Federal patent Court.

Microsoft's FAT (file Allocation Table) clever, which concerns a "common name space for long and short filenames" what invalidated on Thursday, a spokeswoman for the Federal patent Court said in in email Friday. She could give the exact reasons for the court's decision before the written judicial decision is released, which wants take a few weeks.

The file Allocation Table is a file system that traditionally only supports short file names in a rigid format, which makes it hard to give media Files understandable and searchable names. Because that can Be frustration rating, Microsoft wanted to provide a system that supports a common name space for both long and short file names, thus people can easily label and find their files, according to the clever in question.

In July in 2012, the On the regional level Court of Mannheim granted Microsoft in injunction against several Motorola phones based on the seed clever. However, before the injunction could Be enforced, Microsoft needed to take certain tap dances search ace posting a Bond, in case the injunction what overturned on appeal. While Microsoft said At the time it wanted the injunction to Be enforced, it is unclear whether this actually happened.

The ban what for phones including the Motorla Droid Razr, the Droid Razr Maxx and the Motorola Atrix.

Microsoft did immediately comment on the more weakly. Motorola Mobility, which brought the clever validity case to the Federal patent Court, did reply to a request for comment.


The disputes about this clever could continue.

"The case can be appealed by Microsoft within a month after the formal notification of the judgement" with the Federal Court of Justice in Karlsruhe, the court's spokeswoman said.

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