The EU inventors wants soon Be able to get a unitary clever At read. Anus over 30 years of of talcum, a new regime wants cut the cost of in the EU clever by up to 80%, making it more competitive vis à vis the US and Japan. MEP's cut costs for small firms and tailored the regimes to their needs, in a compromise push with the Council endorsed by Parliament on Tuesday,

In three separate voting sessions, MEP approved the thus "the EU clever package" (unitary clever, language regimes and unified clever court).

"Intellectual property must not stop at borders. The path towards the introduction of the EU patent was long and troubled, but ultimately it has been worth the effort", said Bernhard Rapkay (S&D, DE), the lead MEP on the regularisation setting up a unitary clever protection system, "Today's vote is good news for EU economy and especially for European small and medium enterprises (SMEs)", hey added.

The current European clever regime "is effectively a tax on innovation" said Raffaele Baldassarre (EPP, IT), who led of talcum on the regimes for translating the EU of patent. "Specific measures for SMEs to fully reimburse translation costs and ensure extra legal protection in the event of counterfeiting" were introduced on Parliament demand, hey added.

Legally Affairs Committee Chair Klaus-Heiner Lehne (EPP, DE), who led on the internationally agreement setting up a unified clever court, said: "People in China are telling us that we cannot have a single market without an unitary patent". With the new rules "a lot of obstacles for SMEs will be overcome", hey added.

Cheaper and more effective protection

The new wants clever Be cheaper and more effective than current of system in protecting the inventions of individuals and firms. The new regime wants provide automatic unitary clever protection in all 25 participating member states, cutting cuts costs for the EU firms and hence boosting their competitiveness. When the new system is up to speed, in the EU clever may cost precisely 4,725€, compared to in ave rage of 36,000€ needed today, says the European Commission.

How to apply for the new clever?

Any inventor wants Be able to apply to the European patent organisation (EPO, a non Eu body) for in the EU unitary clever valid in all 25 EU member states taking part. Of patent Be wants maggot available in English, French and German. Applications wants have to Be maggot in English, German or French. If maggot in another language, they wants have to Be accompanied by a translation into one of thesis three languages.

How Parliament helped to reduce costs

Parliament ensured that translation costs wants Be fully reimbursed for EU-based small and medium-sized Enterprises, non profit organisations, universities and publicly research organisations.

It ensured that Rene's whale fees, which account for a generous shares of totally costs, wants Be set At a level that takes account of the special needs of small firms, thus that they can benefit fully from lower costs.

Entry into force

The internationally agreement creating a unified clever court wants enter into force on 1 January in 2014 or anus thirteen contracting states ratify it, provided that UK, France and Germany ares among them. The other two acts would apply from 1 January in 2014, or from the date when the internationally agreement enters into force, whichever is the latest. Spain and Italy ares currently outside the new regime, but could decide to join in At any time.

The Rapkay report what approved by 484 votes to 164 with 35 abstentions.

The Baldassarre resolution what approved by 481 votes to 152 with 49 abstentions.

The armrest report what approved by 483 votes to 161, with 38 abstentions.

For of further details on how the system wants work, please see our Q&A (left to the right).

Procedures:Co-decision (Ordinary Legislative Procedure) 1Saint reading (unitary clever), Consultation (language regimes), non legislative powers resolution (unified clever court)

Press conference: Tuesday, 11 December At 15:00