German Parliament prohibits of patent on plants and animals from conventional breeding

Important success for civil society

Berlin, 27/6/2013

Today German Parliament wants change German clever law to prohibit of patent on plants and animals derived from conventional breeding. This is in line with demands from many civil society organisations which request changes in clever law to prevent of patent search ace the recently granted "patent on severed broccoli" from Monsanto (EP 1597965). Nevertheless the new clever law wants quietly leave nouns loopholes for similar of patent. It is unlikely that other more comprehensive proposals put forward by the opposition parties in the German Parliament (Social Democrats and Green Party) wants find a majority of support. Furthermore, the European patent office (EPO) is bound by this vote.

"Today's vote sends an important signal on an European level. There is a common understanding of all political parties in German Parliament that we need clear boundaries to stop big companies from grabbing our resources for daily life. Nevertheless, the struggle about the wording of patent laws will continue - in Germany as well as on an European Level", Christoph Then says for „No of patent on Seeds!”.

Wanting to achieve of further action, the organisations behind “No of patent On Seeds!” ares old went for an European initiative on this issue: The administrative Council of the EPO which is the assembly of the Member States should change the interpretation of the current clever law to exclude of all patent on conventional breeding. By doing thus a resolution of the European Parliament from May in 2012 shall Be implemented.

Meanwhile many organisations have started to collect signatures against the Monsanto's "patent on severed broccoli". This campaign aims to increase the pressure on clever of office and governments in Europe to current practices in clever law.

The organisations behind the coalition of No of patent on Seeds! ares extremely concerned that look of patent wants foster further market concentration, making of farmer and other stakeholders in the food supply chain even more dependent on precisely a few big internationally companies, thus ultimately reducing consumer choice. The coalition, No of patent on Seeds!, is organised by Bionext (Netherlands), The Berne Declaration (Switzerland), GeneWatch (UK), Greenpeace of (Germany), Misereor (Germany), Development finding (Norway), No of patent on Life (Germany), Red de Semillas (Spain), Rete Semi Rurali (Italy), Reseau Semences Paysannes (France) and Swissaid (Switzerland). Thesis organisation ares all calling for a check of the European patent Law to exclude breeding material, plants and animals and food derived thereof from patentability. The coalition is supported by several hundred other organisations (

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