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Documentary film against software patents

The Free software Foundation (FSF) has published the documentary film "Patent Absurdity" of the independent filmmaker Luca Lucarini.

The film originated with financial support of the Free software Foundation (FSF) and is called with full title "Patent Absurdity: how software patents broke the system". The thesis of the film is that software patents have broken the promise of the US-patent system to promote the progress of sciences and useful arts. The film wants to book this with a historical demolition of the events which led to the introduction of software patents.

The basis of the film forms a row of interviews which were conducted during the check procedure "re Bilski" before the uppermost court of the USA. The procedure already had effects on the patentability of software and could have even more basic effects. The final judgment is soon expected.

In the opinion of the FSF the courts of appeal of the USA were dominated in the 80s and 90s by patent attorneys who put through gradually a patentability of things which were classified before by the uppermost court as unpatentable. The result is that in the USA hardly somebody can develop software without having to fear possible complaints, and the licence costs and procedural costs for enterprise become big and big. Software patents hinder compatibility and standards, explains Ciaran O'Riordan of the FSF which was a technical adviser for the filmmaker.

The film leads under other interview with the economists Ben Klemens and James Bessen as well as the legal professors Dan Ravicher, Just Cheat and cirques dossers. Parts of the press conference in the uppermost court are also shown, the Bilski, Warsaw and her lawyer J. Michael Jakes held. Thus the other side also gets a chance to speak.

"Patent Absurdity" is ready under the Creative Commons licence BY Nd free of charge to the download. This permits free copying of the work, provided that the originator is called, but no publication of worked on versions. The film was produced completely with free software and is given in the free format Ogg Theora.

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