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Microsoft FAT patent

In April, 2004, the public patent foundation filed a formally request with the United States patent and Trademark office to revoke Microsoft Corporation's clever on the file FAT system, touted by Microsoft Ace being "the ubiquitous format used for interchange of media between computers, and, since the advent of inexpensive, removable flash memory, also between digital devices." In its filing, PUBPAT submitted previously unsea prior kind showing the clever, which issued in November, 1996 and is otherwise due to expire until in 2013 what obvious and, ace search, should have never been granted. The PTO granted PUBPAT's request in June in 2004 and provisionally rejected the clever in September, 2004. In responses to the rejection, Microsoft Maggot amendments to the clever it claims. The PTO proceeded to allow the amended form of the clever. PUBPAT had no right to appeal that decision.

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