on Monday, December 11, 2017

Congratulations of Christmas 2017

One more year came already the Christmas and the Christmas congratulations with her.
The knowledge to be establishes that it is always necessary to congratulate the Christmas in these dates to all those with which we have contact, be already orally or in writing.
At present the biggest options variety exists for all those who want to congratulate these dates: on-line courier service (whatsapp, telegram, snapchat...), doodles, applications, tweets, on-line videos, e-mails, on-line cards, etc.
But the most classic alternative is the Christmas postcard that is sent by mail traditionally and consists of a card decorated with Christmas motives or that they allude to these holidays, with a congratulation written to hand.

This year the Royal Family has showed its institutional congratulations again  in its official web.
The Kings have chosen to send a postcard again with a habitual design, a photo with its daughters along with a signed congratulation text, but in contrast to previous years, the photo takes a very official character as the location and the select day.
Also he turns to use the purple color, color of the script and banner of Felipe VI, with which the crown of Felipe VI appears in the top part of the postcard, and the printed text of the congratulation. 

In the photo we see the kings along with Infantas Leonor and Sofia in the Royal palace of Madrid, in a moment painted the portrait by the team of Photo of the House of the King last October 12, day of the celebration of the National Holiday, hence its important meaning.
Also it is necessary to point out that in the same place there was taken the first official picture of the Princess of Asturias, which spread the day that was twelve years, October 31 of this year.

In the text of the congratulation we can read the following message:
"Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year 2018, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018" in purple printed letters, repeating like previous years the use of two languages to congratulate.
As last year there is no text written to hand. Simply there appear the signatures of the Christmas postcard, Felipe VI and Letizia, who accompany its rubric on a R. in the end, and its daughters, indicating Leonor under its signature Princess of Asturias, and finally its sister Sofía, Infanta of Spain.

The Royal house also has hung on its web page the congratulation of Reyes Don Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia. In its case, they have chosen it the picture «Christmas«, of the Italian Renaissance painter Bartolomeo Vivarini, of 1475, who shows himself in the Academy of Venice, following the habitual esthetics for already enough years.

The text of the postcard of the Kings printed dice as always: "Happy Easter and New Year", and written to hand the year 2018, along with its signatures, but without any added R. as earlier.