This solution works for the translation tasks of medium and large businesses, including integration with document flow and linguistic software systems. It covers technical translation, Localization projects, and customization according to industry standards.

  • 62 language pairs for 16 languages
  • 1153 preset translation profiles for the translation of technical, business, and marketing documentation for various industries
  • Setting up according to the customer’s terminology
  • Translation of texts and documents in various formats
  • Web interface for translation and setting up
  • Integration with Microsoft Office applications and browsers
  • Powerful API for translation and settings
  • Ready integration modules for different linguistic software
  • Separate pool of servers

For more information about PROMT Cloud pricing please contact us API API allows for the integration of instant translation of Internet services and applications, on-the-fly translation of websites and emails, making Technical translation easy and allowing for quick communication in many different languages.

  • Supports 28 language pairs for 7 European languages
  • Has 17 thematic profiles for translation of specialized texts
  • Simple API for the translation of texts and HTML documents
  • Shared pool of servers
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