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Chaque semaine il va pêcher. Every week he goes fishing.
Qui va parler ce soir ? Who is going to speak tonight?
Tout va bien se passer. Everything's going to be OK.
Ma mère va me tuer. My mother’s going to kill me.
ça va chier des bulles it's going to be tough
Éteins et on y va. Hit the lights and let's go.
On y va à pied ? Are we going on foot?
Bonjour, Georges. Comment ça va ? Hi, George! How's it going?
Il va faire assez froid. It is going to be quite cold.
Elle va apprendre à conduire. She is going to learn how to drive.
Elle va avoir un bébé. She's going to have a baby.
Mon mari va me tuer. My husband’s going to kill me.
Il va souvent à Tokyo. He often goes to Tokyo.
On va en entendre parler. There's going to be hell to pay.
Ça va être le bordel. This is going to get messy.
Père va subir une opération. Father is going to undergo an operation.
Va à la maison, maintenant. Go home now.
Ça va bientôt s'éclaircir. It's going to clear up soon.
Mon frère va me tuer. My brother’s going to kill me.
Marie va nous aider demain. Mary is going to help us tomorrow.


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