PROMT.One Agent
for Windows

Translation in 2 clicks in any application

Available for Premium users of PROMT.One
Try for free with a 7-day free trial period!

Try for free

Translate without switching between applications

In MSOffice, AdobeReader/Acrobat, and all browsers, messengers and other applications

No more losing time at copy-pasting and switching between translator desktop application or online-translator! The translated text, available for editing, appears at the top of PROMT.One Agent.


  • Select the text in any application that you’re working in
  • Press the hotkey combination
  • Get instant translation in a pop-up window

Look into the Dictionary

and learn all the meanings of a word

Are you proficient in foreign language? And all you need is a dictionary?

With PROMT.One Agent you’ll be able to immediately see the translation of words and collocations, and see the lemma - the original form of the word, highlighted with blue.

System requirements

OS: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10. PROMT.One Premium account is required

How to install:

Download the plugin by clicking Download
Run the setup file
Accept the license agreement
Choose the plugin location
When installed the plugin launches automatically
To translate select the text and press Ctrl twice
The translation appears in a pop-up window
Configure the plugin for your needs

Watch video on how to install and use PROMT.One Agent

How to install

How to use