Conjugation and declension of words in Russian

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To get the forms of the word you are interested in, you can either request it in the initial form (строить, стелить, надеяться, книга, здание, путь, новый), or in any other form (сделал, убегай, напишем, окном, друзей, старые). If the word you have entered corresponds to several parts of speech (печь, стекло, три, стих), the service will offer you all the available options.

The Conjugation and Declension service allows you to conjugate verbs and decline nouns, adjectives, pronouns and numerals. Here you can find out the gender and declension of nouns, adjectives and numerals, the degrees of comparison of adjectives, conjugation of verbs, and see the table of tenses for English, German, Russian, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Conjugate verbs, learn the rules of conjugation and declension, see translations in contexts and in the dictionary.