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Tu as une bonne mémoire. You have a good memory.
Tu as presque deviné juste. Your guess is almost right.
Tu as un esprit limité. You've got a one-track mind.
Je peux imaginer ce que tu as ressenti. I can imagine how you felt.
Tiens-moi la main si tu as peur. Keep hold of my hand if you're afraid.
Tu as le droit d'apporter ton propre déjeuner à l'école. You may bring your own lunch to school.
Tu as outrepassé ton autorité. You have overstepped your authority.
Tu as été mon amie. You were my friend.
Tu as la mauvaise personne. You’ve got the wrong person.
Tu as fait tes devoirs ? Have you done your homework?
Tu as été mon ami. You were my friend.
Tu as serré le mauvais client. You’ve got the wrong person.
Tu as de nombreux livres. You have many books.
Comme tu as de la chance ! How lucky you are!
Tu as déjà de la barbe ? Have you got a beard already?
Tu as un brillant avenir. You have a bright future.
En un sens, tu as raison. You are right in a way.
Tu as sali tout l'oreiller ! You got the whole pillow dirty!
Tu en as, du courage ! You have a lot of nerve!
Tu as encore fait des tiennes ! You've been up to mischief again!


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